Monday, December 22, 2014

New York Hostels For Under 18

Minimum check-in age policy differs for each hotel. Most hotels allow only 21 year old to book and check-in. You must check the hotels check-in policies for minimum check-in age which will be either 18 or 21. As an alternative you check for hostels that allow under 18.

If you are looking for NYC hostels with minimum check-in age of 18 and under check the following list of hostels. They have a minimum check-in age policy of 18. They allow 18 year old's to book and check-in.

At Jazz Hostels in New York locations, youth under 18 can make a reservation if they submit a faxed parental consent form.

Jazz on the Park Hostel New York
Jazz on Lenox Hostel New York

If you know any other NYC hostels with minimum check-in age policy of 18 and under please list them in your comments.You can also report any hotels mistakenly listed here that does not allow 18 year old or under.  

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