Monday, February 16, 2015

Discover the Dinosaur National Monument, Utah

Divided between two states, with Utah ,having the majority holding, Dinosaur National Monument is a “must see” park for anyone interested in Dinosaurs, and especially any family with a budding paleontologist in their midst. 

Before entering Dinosaur National Monument, remember that you are in a desert area and stock up accordingly!  Although you may be able to purchase refreshments within the park, this isn’t a theme park and so there may be quite a drive between the visitor centers.  Also ensure that everyone in your party has a hat and that you leave an itinerary of where you intend to be exploring in the park with someone who will raise an alert if you don’t return by nightfall.  Also observe all safety recommendations that are posted by the park personnel.   This is especially important if you intend to be hiking in the park.

Having observed the safety requirements, visit the visitor center and find out what activities are happening in the park that day, and pick up a map so that you know what there is to see and the best way to get there.  If you are just passing through the area, you could leave your proposed itinerary with the center staff so that they know where you are heading. 

One of the most interesting sections of the park for visitors is the Dinosaur Quarry.  This is actually located in Utah, close to the town of Jenson.  Here, in the Dinosaur Quarry building, you’ll see hundreds of dinosaur fossil bones exposed from the rock.  The quarry itself was proclaimed to be the largest single collection of dinosaur bones found.  Although it’s possible that visitors could be lucky enough to find a previously undiscovered fossil, it’s illegal to remove any such item from the park and if you are fortunate enough to be the first person to discover a fossil, you must have it in to the appropriate authorities in the park.  Other points of interest in the park are the petroglyphs along Park Drive, and cabins that are reported to have belonged to homesteaders.  For those looking for a more physical thrill amongst the ancient history, there are river trips of various lengths and skill levels on the Green and Yampa Rivers.

Dinosaur National Monument is a “in the field” museum which shows ancient history in the shape of the Dinosaur remains that have been uncovered there, the Indian art that was discovered and also the more modern history of settlers.  It’s a unique experience to record for your vacation photo album.

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