Monday, February 16, 2015

Epcot – Entertaining and Educational

Orlando, Florida’s Epcot is a tourist attraction that will take a full day to explore, but if you want to sample all of the rides and exhibits, you have a multi-park ticket and find a spare half-day on your hands, then you may find you need to come back to Epcot to “finish off” what you don’t manage to see the first time – this is especially true in summer where queues for some exhibits can be quite long.

Split into two main sections Epcot consists of “Future World” and “World Showcase”.  These two sections are then fragmented into different individual exhibits on all a theme which fits the overall theme of the section.  

Future World is divided up into sections such as Spaceship Earth which is about the history of communication and technologies, Innovations with its interactive technological exhibits, Test Track a high speed ride on an automotive factory testing grounds, Universe of Energy which shows how to generate energy and the Land and Seas Exhibitions where the attractions give fun ways of learning about our natural environment both on land and in the sea.  Space enthusiasts will love with Mission: SPACE ride which simulates space program training!

In the World Showcase you can travel around the world in as little time as you have available.  Each of the countries in the showcase has a interactive exhibit, a gift store selling produce and goods from the country, and food/drink traditional to that part of the world.  Some of the exhibits are more fact (such as the 360 Circle Vision movies for Canada and China) than fun (such as Norway’s Maelstrom boat ride, and America’s audio-animatronics American Adventure), but there’s something for everyone – and none of the rides in the exhibits are wild, making them good for all age groups. 

Refreshments in Epcot are expensive, but apart from that, Epcot is a tourist attraction that’s primarily entertaining, but which also educates in a fun way at the same time, making it a great place to bring the kids to learn about the world in which they live.

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