Sunday, February 15, 2015

Las Vegas, Where Luck Shines on the Fortunate Few

At one time Las Vegas was little more than a tiny town in the desert, then came the boom time of the big casinos and the reputation of being a fun place to visit began to grow.  Today, many of those original big casinos that once boasted performers such as Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr, have been torn down and in their place stand entertainment complexes that are part hotel, and part theme park. 

Today the Las Vegas strip is a strange place by day; an imposing array of awkward looking high storey hotels on either side of the road.  But as the ugly ducking transformed into a swan, these buildings transform into a magical land of colored lights and fancy special effects once darkness falls.  Each of the main hotels has it’s own signature and often these are programmed to run at set times every night, so check with your hotel concierge if they have a list of the times – or visit the websites for each hotel prior to starting your vacation.

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As the best time to see the strip is after dark, keep the daylight for taking part in the various other activities such as shopping, museums (such as Liberace’s), and even taking a peek in one of the famous wedding chapels, but make sure you save most of your energy for once the sun goes down and Vegas really comes to life.

Gambling at Vegas is almost mandatory – not by the establishments, but by human nature!  To make sure you get home in one piece, set a limit to how much you can afford to lose in any one night, and don’t go over that amount.  Pace your budget by taking in a dinner show at one of the hotels – check the local listings to see who’s appearing where during your vacation, then ask your hotel reception if they can get you tickets.

Las Vegas is more than just casinos, but if you enjoy bright lights, cabaret and the sound of poker chips being restacked, then there’s no better place to spend your vacation.

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