Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Thrill Rides in Las Vegas

The Stratosphere Hotel has possibly the most scary thrill rides in Las Vegas.  The rides are on the 109th floor of a 1,149 foot tower.  They have three outrageous rides you can choose to ride.  One is the High Roller.  This is a roller coaster that goes at the fastest speeds possible as it races around the track that seems as if it is suspended in midair.  The second is called the Big Shot.  Hold onto your stomach, this is a free fall ride that sends you 160 feet up in the air on a 228 foot tower and plummets you back down again.  You sit in an open car and it will appear that you are dangling over the strip.  The third ride is the X-Scream.  This giant seesaw device propels you over the side of the building and lets you dangle there weightlessly before bringing you back to safety.
    At the SLS Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, they have a roller coaster that loops around in front of the hotel.  They call it Speed:  The Ride.  It takes off through a hole by the new NASCAR Cafe in the hotel and goes around the loop, under the sidewalk and up a 250 foot tower where you are weightless for a few seconds.  Then you ride the coaster backwards through the whole track

    The Cyber Speedway boasts a NASCAR vehicle about three quarters of its normal size.  You can choose to race around the Las Vegas racetrack or race through the streets of Las Vegas.  At the end, you get a computer generated report to tell you how you did.

    The Adventuredome at Circus Circus Hotel & Casino Las Vegas is an amusement park with several rides for the kids.  They do have a roller coaster that races through simulated Grand Canyon mountains.  They have several other swing rides and a mini-golf game.  There is a small arcade where you can play video games as well before you hit the Midway.

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