Friday, March 20, 2015

Tipping in Las Vegas

Being the money making location Las Vegas is, it only makes sense that everyone is out to get their share of the pie.  Tipping is expected in certain circumstances and venues.  Here is a list of people and tips they are expecting to receive:

    Hotel bellhops get $1 per bag, unless man bags, then $2-3 per bag.

    Chamber staff get $1-2 a day, unless you have a pet or made a big mess.

    Tip the doorman or concierge only if they have given you specific information about something you want to do or see.

    Valet parking attendant should get $1 every time you get your car.

    Restaurant servers get 15-20% of the bill.

    Bartenders get 10-15% of the total bar bill.

    Coat room attendants get $1 per article of clothing.

    Cab drivers get 10-15% of the fare.

    Skycaps at the airport get $1 per bag, unless you have many bags, then $2-3 per bag.

    Barbers and Hairdressers get 15-20%.

    Ushers at movies get no tip.

    Gas station attendants get no tip.

    If a theater has maitre d' seating and you want to upgrade your seat, tip him $15-20 per couple.  But have your money ready, because they get annoyed if they have to wait.  You may also tip with chips from the casino where the show is playing. 

    Dealers in the casino get a few dollars if you had a big win or if they helped you by explaining how to play and what to do.

    Remembering to tip can also get you unexpected results.  The cab driver may take you the scenic route.  The concierge may work harder at getting those hard to find concert tickets.  The chamber staff may grant special requests that they normally wouldn't do.
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