Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Top Attractions in Las Vegas

There are many fabulous things to do besides gambling in Las Vegas.  Whether it be a show or shopping, you can always find something to do if you look for it. 

    The hotels are the best attractions in Las Vegas.  Hotel hopping can take the better part of a week to see them all.  That is just a simple walk through from one side to the other.  Plan on at least a day in your favorite ones just to see all the sites.  But be forewarned, some that look small on the outside are huge when you get in the door. 

    Shark Reef at Mandelay Bay Hotel will take about one to hours to visit.  Here you will see all kinds of sea life and reptiles.  They have everything from crocodiles, pirahna, jellyfish, sharks and even some baby rays you can touch.  They also have an underwater tunnel you can walk through to see the sharks and other fish swimming above you.

    Star Trek:  The Experience and Borg Invasion 4-D is definitely worth a visit if you are a hard core Trekker.  You may even run into some Klingons, Borg, or an Andorian.  They have a behind the scenes tour where you can see a bridge used in the television series “The Next Generation.”  They also have you “beam” from a cargo bay onto the bridge.  The tour also includes viewing of some of the paraphernalia, props and clothes used in the series.

    The Stratosphere Thrill Rides are not for the faint of heart.  They are located up on the 109th floor of the hotel.  They have the High Roller, a roller coaster, The Big Shot, a free fall ride, and the X-Scream, which is a dangling teeter totter that suspends you off the side of the building.

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