Thursday, March 19, 2015

Travel Tips

Emergency Services can be reached from anywhere in the United States by dialing 911.  To reach the Nevada Highway Patrol, dial 647 on a cellular phone.

    Parking your car may take some fancy footwork as you are not allowed to park on the strip at any time.  If you can find a parking lot or a garage to leave your car in, that would be the best bet.  You avoid paying the fees for the garages if you use the valet parking at the hotels. 

    If you are staying in one place for several days, you might consider doing your own laundry.  Of course, there are clothing and drug stores everywhere in case you did forget something.  So don't pack your suitcase to the brim.  Save room for all the souvenirs you will be bringing home.  Use fabric softener sheets to keep your clothes smelling fresh in the suitcase.

    Make a little bag of things you find you might need on a trip.  Your list might include pens, pencils, safety pins, sewing kit, and some stamps to mail your postcards.

    If you are running late the morning of your departure, call down to the front desk and see if you can delay your check out time.  In most hotels, the check out time is noon.  For a small fee, they may add a couple hours to the time so you don't have to rush around.

    Bring a couple of pairs of comfortable walking shoes on your trip.  There is a lot of walking inside and outside the hotels even if you ride the bus to each one.  Make sure you have broken in your shoes so you will not be suffering later.

    When you get to your room, no matter if you are only staying for an hour, place the dead bolt on the door.  Thieves will stop at nothing to get your valuables.  Most hotels have a coded safe in each room so you can feel safe in leaving your extra money or jewelry in them.

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