Sunday, April 26, 2015

Free Attractions in Las Vegas

Besides gambling and costly ventures, there are many free attraction in Las Vegas if you go looking for them.  These will also get you a tour of the strip as well.

    The Bellagio Fountains are especially beautiful at night.  The dancing water is put to music and the choreography is quite mesmerizing.

    The art work at the Venetian Hotel is quite worthwhile to see.  The ceilings are painted with intricate designs.  The lobby floor is extremely eye catching as it is an optical illusion.  The second floor also has paintings in the ceilings that make you feel like you are in one of the churches in Italy.  If you head to the second floor, you can go to their Grand Canal Shoppes.  They have serenading gondoliers, street performers, and living statues.  You can get a feel for old Italy here.

    The circus acts at the Circus Circus Hotel are fascinating to watch.  They are usually every hour until midnight over the casino floors.  After the show is over, you can go to the Midway and try your luck with a few video games.

    Caesar's Palace animatronic statues are good for a ten minute break.  They have laser light shows and dancing waters.  All this and they tell the myth of Bacchus or the rise and fall of Atlantis.  There are seats all around so you can sit and take a break and be entertained too.

    The Sirens of Treasure Island have a pirate battle on the strip.  But these pirate have worked out and look pretty good.  It is the Las Vegas version of pirates in the Caribbean seas.

    The Fremont Experience is another attraction you can go and view for free.  There is live music, street performers, and jugglers.  They also have a great laser and light show using some two million light bulbs.

Free Things to do in Las Vegas

There are several things you can enjoy in Las Vegas that don't cost a cent.  These can be quite and will take you all over Las Vegas.

    Go casino hopping.  Check out several hotels you like and see what they have to offer.  Most of the hotels have a theme and it is neat to see all the different ways they follow that theme in their casinos and d├ęcor.  You may even find something that you really like and spend a day at that hotel.  Caesar's Palace with its casino and Forum Shoppes and Coliseum could take a whole day to get through.

    The Fremont Experience is in Downtown on Fremont Street.  The Neon Museum is also in this area.  This is a facility that houses the old neon signs of older hotels and casinos.  You can also head over to the Arts Factory and browse their art collection for free. 

    The White Tiger Exhibit at the Mirage is a special treat.  Two white Bengal tigers grace this habitat complete with a little river running through it so the tigers can have a swim.  These are very beautiful and majestic animals and are part of Siegfried and Roy's magic act.

    Along those same lines, down at the MGM Grand is the lion habitat.  Hey have two to three lions that you can watch walk through trees and under waterfalls.
    Cruising the strip is a tourist favorite especially at night.  The lights are on and the city is quite beautiful in its neon glory.  It is also fun to walk the strip at night.  You won't be alone.  There are as many people on it at two in the morning as at two in the daytime.  So get out there and get some good photo opportunities.

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Getting Married in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the easiest place in the world to get married.  There is no blood test and no waiting period.  You can even get married at a drive-through chapel and not have to go through all the fancy planning.  Your honeymoon destination is right down the street. 

    The cost of a marriage license runs around $60.  You go to the Clark County Marriage License Bureau which is open until midnight some days and then you can go plan the most simple or extravagant wedding that you want.     

    Valentine's Day is the busiest day for weddings.  They perform over 100 on February 14.  The ease of a ceremony is a big attraction because the wedding chapels will usually take care of everything.  Sometimes they will even give you a limo ride to the license bureau and back.  They also offer different accessories including rings to a video of the service.

    A really interesting thing to do in Las Vegas is go to the chapels and watch the people.  Stand out and watch the different brides and grooms and see how they are attired and how their wedding goes.  This may give some idea of the kind of wedding you may want.  It is your wedding however, and you need to feel comfortable whether it is a small affair or a large gala.

    Weddings can be very cheap in Las Vegas running around $500 at some place or up in the tens of thousands.  These usually will include photos, video, cake, music, and flowers.  There are specialty weddings.  You can have Elvis singing or have Elvis officiate your wedding.  At the Star Trek Experience, you can get married dressed as a Borg or Klingon.  At the Excalibur Hotel, you can dress in medieval clothing.  At the Venetian, you can get married on the gondola ride.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian

The first thing you wonder when you get to the second floor of the Venetian is if you took a wrong turn.  The shops here are made to look like outside Venice on a warm spring day.  The illusion is complete with an azure sky above and gondola rides around the hotel. A boatman will serenade you while you take a lazy stroll down the river.  You may even meet a famous Venetian while you are here.  Marco Polo may discuss his travels or Casanova exerts his famous charm to the ladies. 

    The boat ride ends at a replica of St. Mark's Square which is a central landmark in Venice.  You can also listen to strolling musicians, opera singers, or watch glass blowers make their vases.  It is the normal hustle-bustle activity of a Venice marketplace. 

    The Shoppes themselves are directly accessible from the outside so you don't have to try to navigate the casino.  Walking through the casino is taking the long way around, but you do get to view the fabulous artwork on the ceilings and in the lobby.  Even the floor of the lobby is eye-catching. 

    The Venetian recently added another tower to its structure called the Venezia.  This building will adjoin the shoppes at the far end to St. Mark's Square.  Thus making it easier for guests to get back to their specific tower and making it easier for visitors to find their way around.

    The shops themselves are medium to high-end brand names such as Jimmy Choo, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Rockport, and a Venetian glass and paper shop.  They have a food court at one end of the shopping mall and the other end leads to Tao, a nightclub where you must be 21 to get into. 

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Guidelines for Betting

If you are going to Las Vegas for the gambling, make sure you take enough money to cover yourself if lose it at the tables.  Set a limit and stick to it.  It is hard because one more play might be the big one.  However, one more play and you could lose everything.

    Lower your bets when you aren't winning.  If you start to losing, switch tables or even casinos.  Go where you feel comfortable and try again. 
    Sometimes you will spot advertisements for sure winners or big jackpots. These are scams.  Don't buy them.  If anybody figured out how to beat the slot machines, they wouldn't share it with everyone else.
    Quit once you get ahead of where you started.  If you up a hundred dollars, get up from the table.  Don't let greed separate you from your winnings.

    Don't go into debt to make bets.  If you are down to your last dollars and have maxed out your credit cards, it is time to stop.  Don't even let it get that far.  Some people have used up their savings and used their homes as collateral.  Please be careful in knowing what you can and cannot afford to wager.

    The chances are you will lose most of the money you have brought with you to gamble.  The house usually has the odds on their side.  Sure you might win a few times, but they usually will get it all back and more.  If you get lucky in a short run, take the money and leave.  You will be better off for it.  You will also have some coin to play another day.

    Don't use the winnings from one play to increase on the next.  Greed is getting the better of you.  Hold on to the winnings and keep your bets at the original levels you started at.  This way, you can build up your winnings and if you lose all your gambling money, you still are not completely broke.

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Halloween in Las Vegas

Halloween in Las Vegas is where the ghosts hang out or so it is said.  To see the scary side of Las Vegas, take the haunted tour.  It begins at the Greek Isles Hotel and Casinos.  It is located right off the strip.  You can go and visit the haunting grounds of Liberace, Elvis, and Bugsy Siegel.  The tour lasts about two and a half hours.  You will find out many dar secrets of Las Vegas.

    According to a paranormal historian, there have been about forty places where paranormal activity has been recorded.  The tour itself includes the “Motel of Death” where many celebrities have died, and Tupac's murder site.  You can also listen to stories of Elvis sightings at the Hilton and hear Liberace play the piano for restaurant patrons.

    Also on or near Halloween, there is a Fetish and Fantasy Ball.  It takes place at a different hotel every year.  The ball includes erotic stage performances, fire performances, laser and light shows, a DJ, walkers on stilts, and of course, a costume contest.  They give prizes in the sexiest, naughtiest, and scariest costume.  Early bird discount tickets are available through paypal right now.

    Performers will be announced for the program as they sign up.  So check the site daily to see what is happening. 

    Monster Mayhem is also a big happening in Las Vegas.  There are seven haunted houses in which all kinds of ghouls wander around in.  There are crypts, creepy catacombs, and fog filled pathways.  The houses take about ten minutes to walk through so you need to allow at least a hour and a half to get through all of them.

    The Boneyard is another scarefest.  It is an above ground graveyard with corpses and lurking ghouls.  Take your time walking through this graveyard.

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History of Las Vegas

Hoover Dam actually was the creation of the Las Vegas we know today.  When the dam was being built staring back in 1928, thousands of workers came to Nevada looking for work.  In 1931, gambling was made legal once more.  Fremont Street's gaming casinos attracted the workers from the Hoover Dam. 

    Bugsy Siegel, the man who is credited with developing Las Vegas actually just bought a few blocks of already developed properties.  El Rancho Vegas Hotel was built in 1941 right across the street from where the Sahara is today.  Throughout the 1940's, the El Rancho became a place where Hollywood stars came to relax.  In 1947, the Flamingo opened with Dean Martin headlining several shows.

    Hotel growth continued into the 1950's.  The Riviera was the ninth hotel to open in 1957.  Liberace was a headliner at most of the shows.  In 1958, the Stardust opened and Wayne Newton fgot his start in Las Vegas.

    In the 1960's, the Sands Hotel invited the Rat Pack to headline.  Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr., Joey Bishop, and Peter Lawford all came and stayed there while the group was in town filming Ocean's Eleven.  In 1968, Circus Circus was opened to the Las Vegas visitors.  This hotel boasted circus acts every hour right over the casino floors.

    In the 1970's, a flood causing almost one million in damage.  Gambling was also legalized in Atlantic City costing Las Vegas a lot of customers.

    In 1989, Steve Wynn finally made people take notice of Las Vegas.  The Mirage opened and Siegfried & Roy took over as healiners.

    As the 1990's and 2000's come and go, even more luxurious hotels will be  opening.  The Luxor, Venetian, Mandelay Bay, and THE Hotel have even more to offer guests in shopping and gambling.  Las Vegas, like its hotels, will keep on growing and making more money every year.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Hoover Dam

If not for the Hoover Dam, Las Vegas may not exist.  Construction began in 1931 and the workers needed ways to relax on their days off.  5200 laborers were assembled and proceeded working twenty four hours a day.  The dam was finished in 1936.  It helped conserve water for electrical, industrial, and irrigation purposes.  The dam has become just one of the world's major electrical generating plants that provided surrounding towns with a low cost and clean hydroelectric power.  The $165 million Hoover Dam paid for itself by selling electrical power to the states of California, Arizona, and Nevada.

    660 feet at the top tapering to 45 feet where the road crosses at the top, the dam is a massive curved wall.  It is 726 feet tall which is about the height of a 60 foot skyscraper.  The dam holds back 9.2 trillion gallons of water.  This water is kept in Lake Mead, a reservoir facilitated by the construction of the dam.  There are four intake towers on the lake that drop the water down about 600 feet to help drive turbines and create power.

    The visitor center opened in 1995 and is built upon a three level circular structure with a rooftop overlook.  You will enter into the Reception Lobby where there is a gift shop and you can purchase souvenirs of your visit to the dam.  They carry photographs, articles, videos, and other paraphernalia relating to the dam and the people who built it. 

    There are thirty minute tours of the dam that leave every fifteen minutes.  These tours go down about 561 feet into the bowels of the dam.  You will see the massive turbines and even get to go outside on the downriver side for a look back up at the massive structure.

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Kid Attractions in Las Vegas

Those visitors under 21 may look around Las Vegas and think the place has nothing to offer them.  They are not old enough to gamble or enjoy some of the nightclub shows.  If they look around, there are several attractions that they can enjoy despite their young age.

    Head down to Circus Circus and catch some of the circus acts that go on all day over the casino floors.  There is also the midway arcade and the Adventuredome on the second floor.  This is an amusement park complete with mini golf and a roller coaster ride.

    The Mirage Hotel has the white tiger exhibit and the Secret Garden of Siegfried and Roy.  There is also a dolphin habitat where you can watch the dolphin swim by.

    The Excalibur has the medieval pageantry and a whole basement level with arcade and video games.  The Tournament of Kings is one of the nice shows for kids as you get to see a medieval joust and get to eat like they did in King Arthur's days – No forks or spoons here, use your fingers.

    Gameworks is also a basement level arcade and game center.  It is quite easy to find on the strip, just look for the big Coca-Cola bottle and the M&M shop.  It is located underneath these two shops.  They have batting cages, motion-simulation rides, video games, and air hockey.

    For toddlers and young children, you might try the Lied Discovery Children's Museum.  There are plenty of interactive games for them to engage and play.  They could feed a wooden sandwich to a snake and a human to see how they both use nutrition.  There is a mini grocery store, a radio station, and a music/drawing area.  They can also pla basketball in a wheelchair to see how it is to be handicapped.

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Magicians in Las Vegas

There are many different kinds of shows you can go to see.  Some are hard core magicians and some are just jokesters that do magic.  Most have night shows up to six nights a week.

    Lance Burton, who performs at the Monte Carlo Hotel, is original in his act as well as charming.  He starts the show with precise close-up magic.  In one show, he tossed a bird in the air that became confetti in front of everyone.  He moves onto bigger illusions and his act is extremely good.  He also has a juggler in his show that can juggle a chainsaw, a peanut M&M, and a beanbag chair.

    Penn and Teller are two magicians you don't want to miss.  The ever quiet Teller usually always winds up being the guinea pig to the ever boisterous Penn.  They perform magic tricks and then take the time to explain how they are done.  They also do juggling, make really off the wall comments, and do some really mean stunts.  The stunt most want to see is Teller catch a bullet in his teeth after Penn shoots him.

    Criss Angel became famous through his “Mindfreak” television show.  He is located at the Luxor Hotel and performs at others in Las Vegas as well.  He has done the Houdini trick “Metamorphosis” with no curtain.  He has cut himself in two and put himself back together.  Criss also shows his mentalist abilities when he asks people to think of certain objects or numbers.

    Mac King, performing at Harrah's hotel, is one of the best afternoon shows you can see.  He is famous for close-up magic that really defies your eyes and brain.  Mac's show is perfect if you need something for the kids right before dinner or another show.  He is not very expensive and is an consummate performer.

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Mid Strip Hotels in Las Vegas

Mid strip hotels have a big shopping theme for the most part.  There are a lot of shops in these hotels mentioned as well as other attractions.

    The Bellagio has an eight acre lake in front that represents the Lake Como village that the hotel was named after.  In this lake, about every hour, you can view some impressive water ballet and choreography.  At night, it is lit up and put to music for an even better show.  The shops in the Via Bellagio offer the current trends and clothiers such as Prada, Gucci, and Armani.

    Caesar's Palace which is right across the street from the Bellagio has a Roman decor and some of the staff wear gladiator outfits.  The 4,000 seat Coliseum was built just for Celine Dion who performs two hundred shows each year.  The Forum Shops cover three floors at one end of Caesar's and they have something for every taste and interest.

    The Venetian Hotel is elegance and sophistication.  The rooms are done in Italian marble and have glass showers and deep tubs.  The second floor houses the Grand Canal Shoppes and these are laid against a beautiful backdrop of sky and fluffy clouds to make you think you are outside.  They also offer gondola rides though the hotel.

    The Mirage Hotel is located right across the street from the Venetian.  They also own the Treasure Island right next door.  The first thing you will see when you ride the moving sidewalk to the entrance of the hotel is the tiger habitat.  Siegfried and Roy house several of their white tigers in this enclosure.  Their CRAVINGS restaurant has a breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffet that encompasses every taste out there.  Their shops are minimal as they have opened a rain forest exhibit full of palm trees and waterfalls.  The one main attraction here is the volcano that is located out front.  It goes off after sunset every 15 minutes and incorporates a colorful light show as well.

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Places to Stay Outside of Las Vegas

Luxury resorts aside, you may want to stay somewhere far away from the noise and lights and glitter of the Las Vegas Strip itself.  There are two resorts in Henderson which is about a thirty minute drive from the strip.

    The Ritz-Carlton is located on the shores of Lake Las Vegas.  The style is that of an Italian resort with its marble fixtures and lake views.  They have a health club and a spa.  You can sign up for all sorts of activities such as stargazing, desert and mountains hikes, tai chi, and fly fishing on the lake.  They offer yoga classes and you can play golf on three different courses.  Right next door to this fabulous resort is an Italian village with over forty shops and restaurants for your shopping and dining needs.  If you are worried about how to get back and forth from this quiet setting, they do have shuttles that run back and forth to the strip until two in the morning.

    The Green Valley Ranch Resort is about fifteen to twenty minutes from the strip.  Kids and families are always welcome here.  They have a multiscreen movie theater and the health club for exercising is free to use.  The pool area is part lagoon and is in a weird geometric shape to support all the shallow places and the lounge area.  In an adjoining building is the casino and gaming areas.  They follow and old school theme and they have a variety of restaurants to dine in. 

    You will also find a variety of common hotels off the main road as well.  They have Motel 6, Super 8, Econo Lodge, and Budget Inn's.  They also have one place called Terrible's.  It is named for the owner who is nicknamed Terrible.  The place is about ten minutes from the strip.  It is not as expensive as some of the chain motels.

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Shopping in Las Vegas

For the best shopping experience, your best bet is to start out at the Forum Shoppes at Caesar's Palace.  It is a huge shopping mall covering three floors at one end of the hotel.  They have every kind of shop you can think of plus a few more.  You can go from Houdini's, a magic shop, to Gucci for clothes.  They have a Planet Hollywood inside and several other chain restaurants.  There are also some living statues that come to life every hour to tell about a Roman myth.  They have seats so if you are tired from shopping, you can rest a while.

    Next up is the Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian.  Head to the second floor and take in all the amazing scenery.  The second floor is made to look like outside in Venice complete with gondola rides.  High and medium-end brand names are found here as well some expensive trinket shops.  There is everything from Banana Republic to Ann Taylor.

    Fashion Show Mall which is almost right across the street from the new Wynn Las Vegas Hotel is a much more fitting Vegas type of mall.  It holds 250 shops, restaurants, and service stores.  They have valet parking and will even offer to hand wash your car while you are having fun shopping.  Some of the stores in this mall include Sak's, Nordstrom's, Macy's, and other high-end retailers.  You can't miss the place either, it has a huge circular object on top of it that looks very much like an UFO.

    Boulevard Mall was the largest around until Fashion Show Mall came along.  With its 144+ stores, it took up 1.2 million square feet.  It has several anchor stores likes Sears and JC Penney as well as Dillard's and Marshall's.  You can find almost anything you are looking for at reasonable prices.  It it a medium-end mall and has several eateries you can eat and take a few minutes to rest. 

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Side trips from Vegas

If you get tired of the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas, there are several side trips you can take to get away.  Most of these include driving to Henderson or surrounding counties to see what is out there.

    The Ethel M Chocolates is about six miles from the strip.  They offer free tours and it is better to go on a weekday when they are operating.  Ethel Mars began her candy making in the early 20th century and these became famous candies:  M&Ms, Milky Way, Mars bars, 3 Musketeers, and Snickers.  The tours last about ten minutes and is made up of viewing stations explaining the chocolate making process.  You get one small chocolate sample at the end. 

    Ron Lee's World of Clowns is also located in Henderson.  The store features clown figurines and some Disney figures.  The tour offered take you around to watch as the workers mold and paint the clowns.  Be sure to hit the gift shop which offers high quality clown figurines.

    Grand Canyon tours are offered in Las Vegas.  You can spend a full day on a touring bus and go to see the majestic canyon and be back the same day.  You can also choose two or three day trips.  The prices usually include the tour through the national park, a flight over the canyon, and lunch.  Some excursions include hiking as well.

    Hoover Dam is visited by 2,000 to 3,000 people every day.  If not for this architectural and structural creation, there would be no Las Vegas.  Built in 1931, it took 5200 workers doing twenty four hour days to get this dam built by 1936.  That was two years ahead of schedule and fifteen million under budget.  There are tours conducted and they go down 561 feet into the belly of the dam.  You can see the giant turbines and go outside and look back up at the huge dam.

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Some Quiet Things To Do in Las Vegas

If you want to get away from all the noise and people, but don't want to leave Las Vegas itself, there are several things you can do for a quiet afternoon.  Here are a couple places that you can go and see something different.

    The Double Down Saloon has cocktails, a wild jukebox, and bizarre mural work by local artists.  Mingle with some of the local folks or, if you are lucky, you might spot the occasional celebrity that visits.

    The Chinatown Mall is an Oriental type of place with some good restaurants, fascinating shopping, and some unique items.  Everything has a background of the Far East as its theme.

    The Arts Factory has a a gallery with first rate collection of art pieces.  They have parties the first Friday of every month to help showcase the local artist's work.

    The West Sahara Library Fine Arts Museum building is one of the few buildings that is built to Smithsonian specs.  It is an urban building that accentuates its space and art work perfectly. 

    The Guggenheim/Hermitage Museum was a venture between St. Petersburg, Russia and the Guggenheim.  Located in the Venetian, it is right by the front door and has an outside entrance.  There is some sculpture and glass pieces in the museum.

    King Tut's Tomb and Museum located in the Luxor Hotel is a reproduction, full scale, of King Tut's tomb in Egypt.  It includes the antechamber, annex, burial chamber, and replicas of all the treasury inventory.  King Tut was discovered in 1922 in the Valley of the Kings.  All of the tomb and its accouterments were handcrafted by Egypt artisans using the gold leaf, linens, tools, and ancient methods.

If you want to spend a nice quiet hour or two on your own, check out one of these destinations.

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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Travel for the best honeymoon…

Being on a yacht for your honeymoon cruise is indeed one perfect idea. For couples, it would be the best way of having the privacy and the quality time for each of them. To sail or travel about, as for pleasure or reconnaissance, a honeymoon cruise is of course, far more pleasurable than any form of such.

It cannot be denied that the wedding day s one of the most looked-forward events in a person’s life. Well, specifically for women. According to a poll conducted by women magazines, brides think that the ideal of the perfect honeymoon cruise considering the cost, romance, seclusion, atmosphere, culture and adventure, five of these cruises are really going to be both hot and cool.

Where could you sail and travel? If you wish to see the beauty of the world in a few days, here are the suggested places you could visit:

Your honeymoon will indeed be as sweet as honey if you choose the clear blue waters of US VIRGIN ISLANDS. The white sand beaches will eventually look like a promise of pure love between the two of you. As one of the Caribbean romantic travel spots, its package would let you feel the warmth of love in the four corners of your private villa. Is it not nearly perfect?

If the two of you are looking for an active yet romantic honeymoon, ARUBA will let you enjoy the sea through snorkeling, scuba diving or wind surfing. Being one with the most beautiful beaches in the world and the most adorable person in your life is paradise.

Three Rs will be meeting by the two of you. JAMAICA promises that. Rekindle, renew and revitalize. Luxury comes with the best accommodation, exotic cuisine, serene beaches, ever-romantic ambience and activities that would make the bond tighter.

Do you want to dance the night away like fools? If fun is kept between two people in love, the spark of the relationship lingers. Where does the land of fun and love exist? Try and be captivated, MEXICO. This travel is a whole lot of night life. As you lay down on the white sand, exchange your vows all over again.

A yacht, a couple very much in love, a cruise on the night of the wedding day- what’s more?

A whole lot of the world’s beauty as the swiftness of the yacht lets you travel to the places you think were just but dreams.                                                                                              

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Travel with kids, travel prepared

It is good to have your kids with you when you travel; this would surely open their eyes to a lot more of new knowledge and discovery. When you bring along your kids in your trips, this is not only a way of bringing them close to your heart but also through this, your child would definitely make him or her more aware about the world around him or her.

Well, when kids are with you, you need to be more prepared because as we all know they have special needs and we have to respond to such needs. With the tips provided below, it would surely help you get yourself prepared for the entire travel.

You have to bring with you some of the most useful things you could carry with you as you travel and as you reach destinations:
·    Band-Aids
·    antiseptic hand gel
·    small tissue packs
·    sun screen
·    Dr.'s phone numbers
·    Tylenol - children's & adults
·    a rubber door stop can provide extra security for a hotel room door
·    small plug in nightlight - to help find the bathroom in the middle of the night

* These things re for the activities you could have together in order not get bored and to get their attention fully
·    Crayons
·    mechanical pencils
·    highlighter - good for word search games
·    paper
·    deck of cards
·    zip lock bags (collecting shells, storing food, wet clothes)

* These are other things for travel uses:
·    sun glasses
·    hats/visors
·    light weight wind breaker
·    umbrella
·    camera with extra film
·    keep a photo of your child in your wallet - incase you loose them in a crowed area
·    extra copy of birth certificates, photo id, travel reservations, airline tickets

With these pointers in mind, you would not surely miss the thrill and the fun, you would also be able to good at preparing for traveling like from the simple trips to those that require loads of planning.

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Travel and cruises: Searching for LOVE?

Nostalgic but she is gone? No arms to hold, no eyes to stare at… loveless or maybe broken-hearted? Do not be too hard on your self. Take a break, stay away from the so busy city streets, free your spirit and meet new people.

Go cruising down the smooth blue waters of the earth. Explore love the way nature tells it. Your sentiments will surely fade away… feelings of resentments will change into the excitement of meeting a new “mate”.

Through cruises for singles, there are organized cocktail parties, games, group dynamics, one-on-one dining and an access to their singles chat site where one can get to know other singles. This is a venue for meeting new people and a prospect partner in the future. All you need to do is drop off your hesitation and actively participate n the process of match-making. Romance blooms in the most unexpected places, right

These are three of the most popular Singles Cruise:

* 7 Night Greek Isles Cruise
You could sail from Venice Italy to Bari, Italy, same with Santorini, Mykonos and Corfu Greece and Dubrovnik Croatia. Spend money from $1,622.

* 7 Night Hawaiian Islands Cruise 
For $1,990 or more, one is able to join the singles cruise to Hawaii. It sails from Honolulu to Kauai to Maui.

* 8 Night Exotic Western Caribbean after Thanksgiving Cruise
In just a cheap $749 or more, one can have at his hands the marvelous Western Caribbean Cruise.
Cruises for singles were created to cater the needs of the single community of individuals in the world. If you are just willing to spend some amount, sincere time, pure intentions, this project must continue going to school.

Not only socializing activities is being stressed but also single cruises prepare activities that would enhance skills like teamwork, self-confidence and establishing of good intrapersonal relationship. The cruises for singles prepare sports activities. Professional cruise directors are the ones who organize these activities. Lectures and other worthwhile sharing of thoughts are also significant parts. Indeed, not merely all-fun.
Deposit commonly ranges from $250-$300 and all are charged according to double occupancy. Actually, couples do not stay on the entire ship, but they have one common spot where they mingle and try love searching.

Most people who have experienced joining the cruise are working professionals from mid 20s to mid 60s.
There is this sparkling hope that somebody meant for them is on board, they try cruising the Singles. This is a way of traveling and finding love, both at the same time.

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Traveling light on a cruise

On a cruise, you would meet new people and new people means, new impressions. How could be impression be formed?  There are factors and though it is shallow to think of, the way a person dresses up affects how people around look at him or her. A well-dressed person is often regarded of as a confident person. But, others are so timid to look at.

How could one still be fashionable without having to carry the whole closet? You are on your way away from home; packing is the next thing to consider. As you travel, you must bear in mind that you have to travel light, bring what is only important and what are your must-haves. It will be a big hassle on your part if you carry with you an extremely heavy bag, Instead of giving you the break of your life, it will surely break your shoulders apart.

Packing the things you need is so important. How to do it?

Casual, formal and informal are things or clothes one must consider bringing as present from them In daylight, shorts tees, Capri pants, sneakers, slippers and simple tees are fine for me. These are sources of comfort and they are much suited for the ordinary days. Your bikinis, sunscreen lotion, flip flops, sunglasses, and your necessities for the beach.

For the night time something a little formal will do the trick, try on something strap for women and for men, trousers and blazer may do. Dressing up does not mean that you have to be very fancy, all you need to have is presentable clothes, easy to carry and the most important thing is it is being worn with confidence.

Being on a cruise does not mean you have to forget how you look especially if you are out for the singles cruise. There you have to be attractive in some ways because you are there in search for someone. Traveling light while not having to look messy will surely make your cruise unforgettable.

Always take care of your belongings when you set out for a cruise, traveling light will help you do this much easier. Moreover, having so many loads to carry along your trip will not help you achieved your purpose of relaxation. It would even resort to stress or anxiety- so beware!

It will be hassle- free, stress-free and it may be a wonderful start of something you have been wishing for, with someone you have been waiting for.

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How to get rid of cruise misconceptions as you travel?

For the rest of the world, cruising is a great experience no amount of money could afford to alter. On the other hand, there are still people who think that it sucks to go on a cruise and it is not fun travel at all. What are the reasons why some people manage not to like cruising when in fact it is stereotyped as “adventurous way to travel”?

One of the most common reasons is that he thinks that a cruise could be very boring travel; this is not at all true. The cruise ship offers everything that is just right for one’s enjoyment.

There are a lot of things and activities waiting for you so do not get stuck in a corner, go out and meet people- at daylight, you could enjoy the games. Moreover, it is also a reliever from stress and anxiety. The traditional way of relaxing near the pool with eyes set on the star-studded sky or flash one’s eyeballs on the beautiful people.

Some offer spa and other beauty as well as teenagers. But there are others too. As the night curtains are dropped, there are numerous bars and parties could help you socialize and mingle with others.

Others are afraid to try experiencing a cruise for he or she might be seasick. Seasickness is normal back in the past. Nowadays ships are so smooth-sailing, so they do not have large tendency to let you have seasickness. The chance to travel is worth the adventure, you do not have to be very cautious about it.

The biggest mistake a person could think is that he or she will not feel comfortable. The reason she tries to evade from cruising is that there are many people who could not drink and those who could. There are people who are like that, but I am like this…is the usual drama. You need not worry about that we could fix it anytime soon.

For younger people, they do not consider joining the older population. They think that it is not good to be in a cruise and travel because people there are all old. This is half of the truth- but let us appreciate the fact that you are there and you are unique. Meeting people along the way is not something to be afraid of bridging the differences.

The reason of others is that they have a bit of knowledge in ships and they think it is disadvantageous means to travel. You are there to unwind not to look at you an engineer who knows all the parts of their function and enumerate them to people you meet.

These are just some of the many misconceptions. These are not that strong for someone who has in his heart what he does. And, sometimes we need to look for other things… When the fact is they are just near our reach. Travel, it is a chance to be savored and not wasted.

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Looking for yachts to rent or to buy, travel wise!

You can afford. And you think that owning one is possible for you considering that you have the financial resources and you believe that you could count on a yacht as a very good property or investment. If you think what you have is not that sufficient, you could always have the other option which is to rent a yacht instead.

There is a wide market for yacht selling and renting but how would you know that you are buying it from a reliable source? What are the considerations that you are going to buy it from that of good quality?

Since yachts are included in the family of boats, it would be better if the sources would be narrowed down. From the World Wide Web, there are sites you could visit that would lead you to better options in order for you to weigh choices and make the best decision. Having these purchased or rented, you would surely be glad and satisfied, realize how much fun travel could be.

The following are the sites you could navigate through: This is the most reliable source of all the lists you need. This site has a lot of features that makes it as then best, most updated, most reliable source for your yacht information. It has this section which shows the latest models and creations of boats such as fishing boats, water sports, sailing boats and so forth.

This also includes pontoon, pleasure boating and of course, yachting. These  categories are also broken down to more specific sub-categories like manufacturers’ listings. These listings include the details about the manufacturer. Moreover, photos of the products are also shown.

This site also sells second-hand boats. these are all other sites where you could navigate and look for the    boat you want to have. These websites have updated information,                      photos, reviews and price comparisons as well. This is of very big help to you since you will not only get to know the product but as well as how is it doing in the market. the best auction site in the world, it would respond to your needs of looking for used yachts. This site offers products not only in a state or country but in all parts of the world.

With these sites to visit to, what are you waiting for? This would mean making your mind-boggling task a bit easier and it is just right on you fingertips.

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Why it’s best to travel with a group?

Solitude out, socializing in…

It cannot be denied that traveling is fun, fun, fun… but it is much fun if you go out on a group trip. A whole lot of excitement, bonding and adventure awaits you. A group may mean your family, circle of friends, old-high school classmates, co-workers or relatives. Whatever it is, no matter what size- it is sure to be a memorable experience to spend time somewhere new with these people.

Planning might be easy for one but organizing it is sometimes a tough task and it entails a lot of flaws along the way. On the other hand, there is an immeasurable feeling of reward in the end if the cruise turns out to be one smooth thing.

How could one make the best cruise as an organizer?

Choosing and seeking the help of a reliable travel agent is a determinant if the trip would be hassle free or the other way around. Make sure that you will choose according to the credibility the agency owns due to its experience in handling group trips or travel.

After a research on the possible ships, buses, cruises or other forms of transportation that could provide the amenities and accommodation that would meet majority of the needs of your group, you must have enough time comparing the prices.

Be sure to seek a copy of the contract you have with the agent you have chosen. Have everything in paper, like the summary of your itinerary and reservations as well as all the necessary information.

When there are shore tours, have a copy of the list of buses, timetable of the tour and assign somebody to be responsible for the seating arrangements and if ever the honorarium for the drivers are included in the fee.

Assure that the cruise activities are exclusively for all the members only. Outsiders must not be allowed to join or meddle on the affairs of the group and the ship or line must provide the security the group deserves to have on the entire trip.

If the group comes in a bigger number, ask for the help of those responsible and choose a part of the ship where you all could sit down and talk. If there are concerns or problems, this would serve as the venue for that too.

A list of all the important contacts in case of any problem and the list of room assignments must be secured too. Activities, if pre-arranged must be in coordination with the Guest Relation Officer.

For meals, the group must be in contact with the restaurant manager. Group leaders may be assigned for larger groups.

With all these, points to ponder- make the best out of your GROUP TRIP!

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Travel the world, travel to the best ski sites

The snow, the slope, the scene, the chill…these factors are important in considering the Ski site. Some ski-enthusiasts are really making sure that they do not only go skiing because of their hobby but they also check out the Ski sites. They are indeed worth your visit. These sites are also having this race to popularity against each other.

As of the present, there are a lot of well-known Ski sites around the globe. You could check for your self the seven most sought-after sites where you could enjoy the thrill, the challenge and the splash of snow. These are the seven Ski sites you would not dare miss going to and a travel would be very cherished for you:

Vermont, Eastern US is the mother of the Ski resort named Stowe. There are two Ski areas here: Spruce Peak and Mount Mansfield.  It has the most picturesque ski resort in the area. It possesses the traditional New England lure and the largest vertical drop.

In France, the host of the 1st World Olympic Games: Chamonix Mont-Blanc is one of the world’s finest Ski site. It is proud to have a lift-served vertical drop and the longest run.

Mount Norquay, Sunshine Village, and Lake Louise are three Ski sites that could be found in Banff National Park in Western Canada.

Be captivated with Vail, also called as the “America’s favorite Ski resort. What makes this resort from Colorado, in Western United States so unique is that it does not only hold skiing activities but as well as it give s clients the best art galleries, ice skating, snow mobiling and the like.

Switzerland, one of the cleanest in the world, who would have known that in its womb, is the beautiful, it is said to be the cleanest Ski resort. The peace of mind it complementing t6he beautiful country of Switzerland is really a sight.

Go to Austria and visit Ktzhubel, the “Peal of the Alps”. As the former host of the Olympics, it also has the breath-taking scene that would steal any skier’s heart out. It is also the most famous during holidays.

The most famous Ski site is the Whistler/Blackcomb which could be found in British Columbia. It has the biggest vertical drop. What makes it so big for those thrill-enthusiasts? Cafes, restaurants that cater foods of the world, stores that are internationally known, make it as the coolest spot for both skiers and non-skiers.

The delicious food is the topmost reason why people crave for this Ski site.

Discover the snow, the thrill, the fun, the excitement. Unravel the Skier in you- visit the seven of the best Ski sites in the planet. Travel the world, travel around these sites for skiing.

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Travel outside the country, safe and sound

There is an undeniable fact that most people have this great chance to travel abroad for some time in their lives. For some reasons, others go abroad for work. Whatever the purpose of that travel abroad is, see to it that you make yourself safe from whatever hassles and be prepared for the whole trip.

These are the tips you have to bear in mind so that you would not have a hard time for traveling is intended to be coated with fun and excitement.

What are these tips?

See to it that you have signed the right passport and visa, double check everything for these are the most important things you have to secure before anything else. And be sure to fill in the information intended for the emergency page.

More readings would definitely help you out. Get to know the country you want to visit. The Consular information sheets would surely be very essential as a reading material. You really have to get to know the country you choose to go

As you are in the other country, of course, you have to be under the rules and law of the country you are paying a visit at. For it would surely decide your total stay there. Stay out of the hassles and troubles by being of knowledge.

Be aware of their custom as well. Do not get yourself that feeling of being an outcast or do not hurt others just because you have gone against their usual beliefs and their usual acts. When you know the culture and the custom, the more you sow seeds f respect to the place and its people.

Make another copy of your important travel papers.

And of course, contact the nearest offices that are very helpful to you

These are the reminders you have to carry with you whenever you go around and see the world. Traveling is indeed fun but you could turn it into a disaster if you do not how to handle and enjoy it with the right steps, information and guide.

As you visit places and meet people, make this as your guide. This would definitely lead you to the places you more than dreamed of.

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10 Free Things To Do At Disney World

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  1. Disney World Vacation And Savings Travel Guide
  2. Plans For Disney World
  3. Orlando Florida Holiday Guide
1. Visit Downtown Disney.

It cost nothing to visit Downtown Disney. There are lots of fun shops to stroll through and plenty of people watching oportunities. (If you visit during the day PLEASE take a hat. I think Downtown Disney has it's own micro climate - it often seems degrees hotter than the rest of Orlando.) Don't miss the snoozing man made from lego or the fabtastc magnets at Magnetron Magnetz. Stop in the Art of Disney store - They run a trivia quiz every day and give out prizes if you get them all right!

2. Watch the Magic Kingdom Fireworks

from the beach of the Grand Floridian or Polynesian. You can park at the resorts for a short time for free. Tell the guard you are visiting the hotel coffee shop.

3. Take a free tour of Wilderness Lodge

Check with guest services for times and details. There is also a hidden Mickey hunt (list available from guest services)

4. Watch the Electrical Water Pageant

It takes place each night on Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake - times vary. A long line of barges are transformed into a magical light show. It is short - just a few minutes long but is one of the overlooked treasures of Walt Disney World. It can be seen from the beaches of the Grand Floridian and Polynesian and the Fort Wilderness Marina and Beach

5. Nature Trails at Fort Wilderness

There are many miles of trails at Fort Wilderness, through pine and cypress woods. All free. You can hire bikes but to walk costs nothing

6. Visit The Boardwalk

Best in the evening. Just stroll and take in the atmosphere. There's usually lots of "street entertainment"

7. Visit the The petting farm at Fort Wilderness.

The petting farm is open 7 am to dusk a. There is free day parking at Ft. Wilderness.

8.Take the free garden tour at the Yacht & Beach Club Resort.

Call guest services for times

9.Take the free lobby tour at Animal Kingdom Lodge.

10 Campfire sing-song and a movie.

Each evening a campfire is held at Fort Wilderness (it is free to WDW Resort Guests) near the Meadow Trading Post. Take your own marshmallows to toast. The campfire is followed by a Disney cartoon feature shown on a large outdoor screen.

--- I know I said 10 Free things but I have included one more because #10 is only free to guests staying at a Disney World Hotel!

11 Take a boat ride.

from Dixie Landings to Downtown Disney - it's especially nice at night. Take a stroll round Downtown Disney and catch the boat back to your car at Dixie Landings.

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Try this to save more money for your disney world travel
  1. Disney World Vacation And Savings Travel Guide
  2. Plans For Disney World
  3. Orlando Florida Holiday Guide

10 Hot Places To Find Sneakers In NYC This Summer

It's summer time and the living is easy. So time to go shopping and get a new pair of sneakers. But you don't want an ordinary pair of sneakers. You want something unique, flashy, and eye catching. So wither your a native New Yorker or your visiting from out of town here are some of the best spot to find sneakers in NYC.

1. Premium Good's
694 Fulton St (Btw. Ft. Green Pl & S. Elliot),
Train: A or C to Layffette
Hours: 10am-7pm
Looking for Bathing Ape? They have em! Plus a whole slew of sneakers many people have never seen in the US.

2. Alife Rivington Club
158 Rivington St Cross Street: Between Clinton Street and Suffolk Street
Train: F to Second Ave
Hours: Tues-Sun. 12pm-7pm
This down-low sneaker spot have some SERIOUS kicks that will make you shell out that $300.

3. Adidas Orginals
136 Wooster St
Train: N or R to Prince St.
Hours: 10am-7pm
My Adidas! Your Adidas! Who does't like Adidas!

4. Training Camp
41 and 6th AVe
Train: D Train to 42nd.
Hours: 10am-7pm
A large selections of sneakers and large sizes for those with big feet.

203 West 125th Street
Train: A Train to 125th St.
Hours: 10am-7pm
The best place in Harlem to find affordable and hard to find sneakers.

6. NikeTown
6 East 57th St. NY
Train: N or R to 57th
Hours: 10am-7pm
The mothership for all that is NIKE!

7. Laces
252 Mott Street
Train: B, N, R to Broadway-Layffette
Hours: Monday by appointment only, Tues-Friday 10am-7pm.
The only sneaker store in town that's execlusivly for women.

99 North 10th Street
Break out ya skate board and skate your troubles away. otherwise pick up a nice pairk of sneakers here.

9. Dave's Quality Meats
7 East 3rd off the Bowery
Train: F to Bowery
Hours: 10am-7pm
You won't find salamey here but a dope selections of sneakers and t-shirts.

10. Nort 235
235 Eldridge Street
Train: Locations throughout Manhattan
Hours: 10am-7pm
if your looking for sneakers that you won't see a lot of people wearing then visit this spot.

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10 Must-Know Travelers Tips to Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an international city and it has vast number of tourists come from all over the world in all year round. According to the Hong Kong Government statistics, the number of international tourists visited Hong Kong in 2005 reaches 10.8 million which represents a 13.1% increase when compared to 2004. Countries such as Australia, Canada, French, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Korean, Thailand, British and United States all contributes significant tourist growth for Hong Kong. This article presents some critical traveler tips for tourists so that you could enjoy more and have a wonderful trip to Hong Kong.

1. Personal Identity and Safety
Tourists must carry valid personal identity documentation such as passport during their stay in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a very safe city according to the low crime rate. However, due to the densely population, it is not suggested to take a large amount of cash when going out since most of the shops in Hong Kong accepts credit cards. Expensive belongs should be locked in the safe in hotel. You could easily find policemen on the streets whenever you have encountered any problems.

2. Service Charges
Most of the restaurants except fast food shops will add 10% service charges to the bill. Therefore, you may choose to give out the odd dollars from the changes as the service tips. For taxi driver or bellboy in the hotel, there is no pre set norm for the service tips, you may choose to give out whenever you think the service is deserved for.

3. Telephone Service
All local telephone call is free except for the public telephone which charges HK$1 for every 5 minutes. Emergency call is 999 and it is free to call even in public telephone. You could either use IDD telephone call card or credit card for long distance call, or simply through operator for collect call in all public telephone counter.

4. Drinking Water
The drinking water in Hong Kong reaches World Health Organization standard. However, you may also choose to buy the bottle water in the supermarkets if you think it is necessary.

5. Taxi
All taxi only accept cash and they have invoice print out whenever you request. It is easier to catch the taxi in the taxi stop or outside the hotel. Many of the taxi drivers could understand simple English. It is suggest writing down your destination (in English) on paper to minimize misunderstandings. The taxi charges is based on the meter which is HK$15 for the first 2 Km and HK$1.4 for the subsequent 0.2 Km. Besides, there are tunnel charges ranging from HK$3-45 depends on which tunnel you have to take. The charging table is clearly shown on the inner side of the doors so you could check it before you pay. In case of any complaints or lost case, you may record down the name of the taxi driver and his license plate number which is clearly shown on the front seat stand, and reports to the police hotline: 2527 7177 whenever necessary.

6. Mass Transit Railway (MTR)
Hong Kong has 6 MTR routes, which covers most parts of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories.

Tsuen Wan Route: Tsuen Wan to Central
Kwun Tong Route: Yau Mat Tei to Tiu Keng Leng
Tseung Kwan O Route: North Point to Po Lam
Main Route: Sheung Wan to Chai Wan
Tung Chung Route: Tung Chung to Hong Kong
Airport Route: Airport to Hong Kong

Due to the convenience of MTR and the compact area of Hong Kong, most tourists find it is not necessary to rent car during their stay. Besides, due to the very heavy traffic and the complexity of the city roads, it is not recommended for tourists to drive. In case you really need car rental, you may consult your hotel, and be ready with your passport and driving license.

7. Kowloon Canton Railway (KCR)
The KCR is the major railway which links up the New Territories and the city of Kowloon. It runs through Tsim Sha Tsui East to Lo Wu which takes about 40 minutes for the whole route. Lo Wo is the final station which you could pass through to enter China with valid visa. The train will depart for every 3 to 10 minutes, and the earliest one will be started at 5:35 a.m. while the last one will be departed at 12:20 p.m. The ordinary fair and the first class fair are HK$18 and HK$36 respectively from Hung Hom to Sheung Shui.

8. Tram
The tram service has been started in 1904 and it is the oldest transportation system in Hong Kong. It only services the Hong Kong Island running from Kennedy Town to Shau Kei Wan plus another route to Happy Valley. The earliest tram starts at 6: 00 a.m. and run until 1:00 p.m. and the fair is HK$ 2 for adult and HK$ 1 for children under age12. It is the cheapest transportation in Hong Kong, and you are highly recommended to take a ride at the upper stairs so that you could enjoy all the street scenery of Hong Kong.

9. Star Ferry
The scenery of Hong Kong harbor is famous in the world, especially the night scenery. Besides, there is spectacular light show by the commercial buildings in the Hong Kong island at 8:00 p.m. every night which you must not miss. The Star Ferry has been serving on the harbor for more than 100 years, and the fair is less than HK$3 per rides. You could take the Star Ferry from Cental to Tsim Sha Tsui at around 8:00 p.m. You could enjoy the harbor scenery on the ferry and continue with the light show at the Starlight Road of Tsim Sha Tsui.

10. Hong Kong International Airport
The most convenient route to the Hong Kong International Airport is through the MTR which takes about 23 minutes from Central. It passes through stations of Kowloon, Olympic, Tsing Yi, and the train will be departed for every ten minutes. With the MTR, you would never miss the airplane due to the traditional traffic jam. Other than the MTR, you could take the Airport Bus which starts from 6:00 a.m. at the morning until 11:00 p.m. at night. It covers most part of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon with major hotels.

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10 Things to Know About Ireland

Ireland has long been an island divided, but is starting to make a serious comeback. Here are 10 things to know about the Emerald Isle.

10 Things to Know About Ireland

An island located close to Britain, Ireland has been in nearly constant conflict with its neighbor. Alas, things have changed dramatically in the last ten years as have Ireland’s fortunes. Religious violence seems to have tapered off and economic growth is some of the strongest in Europe.

Here are ten things to know about the amazing country of Ireland.

1. The island is split between two countries, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

2. Prior to 1921, the entire island was part of and controlled by Britain.

3. In 1921, 26 counties in the south were given independence and became the Republic of Ireland.

4. Northern Ireland is approximately 55 percent Protestant and 44 percent Catholic. This division has led to decades of strife in all aspects of life.

5. Ireland has remained neutral during the two World Wars despite the fact Great Britain played a key role in each.

6.  In 1990, Mary Robinson was elected the first female President of the Republic of Ireland.

7. You will find “rag trees” in Ireland. As the name suggests, trees are covered with rags tied to their branches. The rags represent wishes for a variety of things.

8. In some parts of the country, you can go bowling on Sundays. On the public roads! The idea is to roll a heavy ball from the starting point to a finishing point as much as a couple of miles away. The team that does it in the fewest number of throws wins.

9. The ancestors of U.S. Presidents Kennedy and Reagan were Irish.

10. The Patron Saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick, was Scottish!

Ireland has a long and storied history as well as a unique cultural all its own. As you can tell from the above, this is a place you should visit if you get a chance.

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10 Ways To Identify If Your Mover Is Right For You

If you manage to find the right mover then half the battle is won. One of the greatest challenges of moving from one city to another, to the countryside, or abroad is locating an efficient and honest mover.

Keep in mind the following: movers must have a good reputation, an extensive network, and be licensed and insured. In addition, they must be professional, polite, understand your needs and proffer the right advice.

Here are a few considerations to put you on the right track:

1.    Meet the mover and find out how long they have been in business and whether they can give you a few references.

2.    Check the references. Call his clients to check on the services the mover offered and whether there were any problems.

3.    Do an online search to determine whether there are any warnings or complaints against the mover.

4.    Check with the local chamber of commerce or bank to determine the moving company’s business standing.

5.    Check if the mover’s license and insurance are current. Ensure they have workman’s compensation and other benefits in place.

6.    Determine whether the mover handles the work himself or assigns it to a sub agent or associate.

7.    The mover must have a wide network with offices in the place you are moving to.

8.    A reputable mover will be a member of AMSA, the American Moving and Storage Association. As a professional he will have committed to following an industry Code of Conduct and will offer quality service.

9.    The ideal mover will not give you an estimate off the top of his head. He will insist to making a preliminary inspection, listing objects to be moved, and ask you to answer a number of questions. Based on which he will prepare an estimate and highlight variables.

10.    He will be open minded and explain clearly what you can expect and what you cannot.  He will tell you all about insurance, the actual moving process, transit storage, guarantees and so on.

An ideal mover will value your business and explain his responsibilities clearly. 

Once you know you have to move allocate enough time to finding the right mover. Ask relevant questions like will my stuff reach its destination as promised, will the material move as one load or as part of other things, a larger load. What kind of training do your workers receive? Are the workers experienced in packing antiques and other valuables? Do I need additional insurance apart from the one provided by you?

Be prudent and weigh the pros and cons carefully. Never let cost dictate your choice. Sometimes by cutting corners to save a few pennies you may loose thousands in damaged goods or lost goods.

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Travel and sleep in the 5 biggest hotels in the world

Does size really matter?

For food, it really does. The bulky it looks, the fuller you may become. Well, not at all times, right? There are these small yet heavy-for-the-stomach foods. For things, size is not really a big deal. Nowadays, the smaller your gadgets are, the hippest they may be. For people, the smaller you are, the more adorable you can be. For hotels? IT DOES.

Ever wonder if what are the best and largest hotels around the globe? We know that you do. If you are out for traveling or a tour, where do you think is the best place you can call home for a span of time? It is of course good to sleep at the most comfortable bed, to eat at the finest table, to meet new faces in the biggest hotels on earth.

The largest hotel is at the womb of Asia. It can be found in Thailand, the Ambassador City Jomtien. It is a paradise away from home. Just try to imagine a 40-acre beach singing you waves of lullaby. The mountains also embrace you with its green. All your anxieties are sure to vanish into thin air. You just need a ten-minute boat ride from Pattaya. If you crave for the city-way of relaxation and leisure, you need not worry about it. This is also a complex which has tennis and sports center, business service for those who need one and convention center for those who gather for assemblies, reunions, forums, and so forth. Not to forget, this hotel has the largest swimming pool in Asia. The biggest trivia is that it has a total of 5,100 guest rooms and suites.

If you are around Las Vegas for some casino or whatever, it will make your trip complete if you try sleeping at MGM Grand Hotel Casino. It holds the title of the second biggest hotel in the world and the biggest in the North American region. You will say nothing but praises when you will see right in your very eyes its four 30-storey towers. What more if you treat your sight with its massive video screens? A huge gold lion is outside while live lions dwell inside the place. Feed your appetite with nine restaurants and two food courts. Go and get one of its 5,005 guest rooms.

Are you still in Las Vegas? If the MGM is not the hotel for you, try the second biggest in Las Vegas and the third biggest in the whole world, Luxor Hotel Casino. The adjoining tower house and the pyramid-like structure have 4,408 guest rooms and suites in it.

Las Vegas also owns in its midst the fourth largest hotel in the world Mandalay Bay (including THEhotel). Ever since 1999, it has become popular due to being one of the hippest night spots. Numerous concerts are held here. When the sun is out, one can savor the enigma of its rich heritage for it has a unique coin museum. A walk-through aquarium is also another delightful spot. Your stomach and your spirit alike will enjoy the trendy restaurants. It has all in all, 4,341 rooms.

Do you love Italy? Well, if Europe is just too far, Las Vegas will be happy to let you in. Yes, the next biggest hotel is still at its area. A replica of St. Mark’s Square does the trick. You will experience Italy on its Renaissance period. For music-adorers, this the right place. Strolling musicians are almost out 24/7. The Venetian has the largest standard rooms. Their size is at 700 square feet. Have a reservation from one of its 4,049 guest rooms and suites.

Size does matter in some cases. If this remains a hypothesis, why not let these hotels tell you the truth. Travel the world and stay at the biggest hotels of the world.

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Inexpensive Travel

Inexpensive travel can be accomplished in two basic ways. First, get the best deals on the specific things you want. This approach is very limited though. For example, if you find the lowest price on the best hotel in Honolulu at the height of the season, you'll save money, but still have a very expensive room. Trying to get exactly what you want - or think you want - is an expensive proposition, in travel and in life.

The other approach to inexpensive travel is to be an opportunist. This may be difficult for some, and entirely unacceptable to others. Nonetheless, the travelers who get to travel the most, learn the most and do the most, are the opportunists.

When I first went to Ecuador, I went because it was cheap. If it wasn't, I would have had a great time anyhow - somewhere else. A month cost $1045, including airfare, a $130 fee for a guide to take me to the top of glacier-covered Mount Chimborazo, and everything else.

I cut the cost by taking a bus from my home in Michigan to Miami. Round-trip ticket: $158. The round-trip flight to Quito from Miami costs $256, because it was a courier flight. This meant I signed for some luggage (car parts), and could only take carry-on luggage.

I never felt deprived or bored. I had a great time, eating wherever it was cheap and clean, doing inexpensive and interesting things, and traveling across the country to climb Chimborazo. I also met and fell in love with my wife Ana.

How To Be An Opportunist Traveler

Can you drink rum at a dollar per bottle, instead of your favorite beer? Can you eat chicken instead of steak? How about visiting the free sights first, and dancing in the street festival instead of the disco?

As an opportunistic traveler you'll have more fun, and almost everything you want - eventually. Just stop trying to get exactly what you want exactly when you want it. If the guide for Chimborazo hadn't dropped his price from $200 to $130, I would have spent $2 for a bus and gone hiking on El Altar, another great Andean mountain. It would have left me with enough money for several other minor adventures.

There are many things to learn about how to travel cheap. On our last trip to Ecuador, for example, my wife and I discovered a way to save $1000 on plane tickets. Good information can save you a lot of money. A flexible, open-minded approach, however, is the real key to inexpensive travel.

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