Sunday, April 26, 2015

Free Attractions in Las Vegas

Besides gambling and costly ventures, there are many free attraction in Las Vegas if you go looking for them.  These will also get you a tour of the strip as well.

    The Bellagio Fountains are especially beautiful at night.  The dancing water is put to music and the choreography is quite mesmerizing.

    The art work at the Venetian Hotel is quite worthwhile to see.  The ceilings are painted with intricate designs.  The lobby floor is extremely eye catching as it is an optical illusion.  The second floor also has paintings in the ceilings that make you feel like you are in one of the churches in Italy.  If you head to the second floor, you can go to their Grand Canal Shoppes.  They have serenading gondoliers, street performers, and living statues.  You can get a feel for old Italy here.

    The circus acts at the Circus Circus Hotel are fascinating to watch.  They are usually every hour until midnight over the casino floors.  After the show is over, you can go to the Midway and try your luck with a few video games.

    Caesar's Palace animatronic statues are good for a ten minute break.  They have laser light shows and dancing waters.  All this and they tell the myth of Bacchus or the rise and fall of Atlantis.  There are seats all around so you can sit and take a break and be entertained too.

    The Sirens of Treasure Island have a pirate battle on the strip.  But these pirate have worked out and look pretty good.  It is the Las Vegas version of pirates in the Caribbean seas.

    The Fremont Experience is another attraction you can go and view for free.  There is live music, street performers, and jugglers.  They also have a great laser and light show using some two million light bulbs.

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