Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Halloween in Las Vegas

Halloween in Las Vegas is where the ghosts hang out or so it is said.  To see the scary side of Las Vegas, take the haunted tour.  It begins at the Greek Isles Hotel and Casinos.  It is located right off the strip.  You can go and visit the haunting grounds of Liberace, Elvis, and Bugsy Siegel.  The tour lasts about two and a half hours.  You will find out many dar secrets of Las Vegas.

    According to a paranormal historian, there have been about forty places where paranormal activity has been recorded.  The tour itself includes the “Motel of Death” where many celebrities have died, and Tupac's murder site.  You can also listen to stories of Elvis sightings at the Hilton and hear Liberace play the piano for restaurant patrons.

    Also on or near Halloween, there is a Fetish and Fantasy Ball.  It takes place at a different hotel every year.  The ball includes erotic stage performances, fire performances, laser and light shows, a DJ, walkers on stilts, and of course, a costume contest.  They give prizes in the sexiest, naughtiest, and scariest costume.  Early bird discount tickets are available through paypal right now.

    Performers will be announced for the program as they sign up.  So check the site daily to see what is happening. 

    Monster Mayhem is also a big happening in Las Vegas.  There are seven haunted houses in which all kinds of ghouls wander around in.  There are crypts, creepy catacombs, and fog filled pathways.  The houses take about ten minutes to walk through so you need to allow at least a hour and a half to get through all of them.

    The Boneyard is another scarefest.  It is an above ground graveyard with corpses and lurking ghouls.  Take your time walking through this graveyard.

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