Monday, April 20, 2015

Places to Stay Outside of Las Vegas

Luxury resorts aside, you may want to stay somewhere far away from the noise and lights and glitter of the Las Vegas Strip itself.  There are two resorts in Henderson which is about a thirty minute drive from the strip.

    The Ritz-Carlton is located on the shores of Lake Las Vegas.  The style is that of an Italian resort with its marble fixtures and lake views.  They have a health club and a spa.  You can sign up for all sorts of activities such as stargazing, desert and mountains hikes, tai chi, and fly fishing on the lake.  They offer yoga classes and you can play golf on three different courses.  Right next door to this fabulous resort is an Italian village with over forty shops and restaurants for your shopping and dining needs.  If you are worried about how to get back and forth from this quiet setting, they do have shuttles that run back and forth to the strip until two in the morning.

    The Green Valley Ranch Resort is about fifteen to twenty minutes from the strip.  Kids and families are always welcome here.  They have a multiscreen movie theater and the health club for exercising is free to use.  The pool area is part lagoon and is in a weird geometric shape to support all the shallow places and the lounge area.  In an adjoining building is the casino and gaming areas.  They follow and old school theme and they have a variety of restaurants to dine in. 

    You will also find a variety of common hotels off the main road as well.  They have Motel 6, Super 8, Econo Lodge, and Budget Inn's.  They also have one place called Terrible's.  It is named for the owner who is nicknamed Terrible.  The place is about ten minutes from the strip.  It is not as expensive as some of the chain motels.

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