Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Family Shows in Las Vegas

There are plenty of shows for the family in Las Vegas.  It isn't just for adults anymore.  Families can come here and find all kinds of things to do with the kids.  Afternoon shows and shows at night offer a chance to get away from the loudness of Las Vegas and relax for a few hours.

    The “Tournament of Kings” at the Excalibur is always a delight.  The whole family can go and have a real medieval meal and eat it with no forks or spoons.  Yes, they use their hands.  Also, there is a jousting tournament to watch during dinner.  Merlin even shows up for a sing along.

    Penn and Teller make a great alternative to other shows.  They have a shtick that has been perfected from about thirty years together.  They also will sometimes let you in on how the tricks or done.  They do tricks and other amazing feats with Teller usually being the guinea pig in Penn's next outrageous idea.

    At the Forum Shoppes at  Caesar's Palace, there are two animatronic living statue shows based on Roman mythology that go on every hour.  These shows last for about half an hour and give you a chance to rest in between shopping and chasing the kids.  The best part here is they're free to the public.

    “In Search of the Obelisk” at the Luxor hotel is a neat presentation.  It is a motion simulator ride  through a pyramid with a chase scene.  Some of the shows are 2D and some are in 3D.  They have built in speakers to bring the action right to you as well as magnificent special effects.

    The Cyber Speedway at the Sahara gives you a taste of going around the track at 200+ miles an hour.  For even more fun, race around the streets of Las Vegas without hitting pedestrians in the process.


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