Monday, June 29, 2015

Australia Surprise

Australia is not just about the city of Sydney and the grandiose Opera House. More than the famous kangaroos, koalas, trackers and the outback, the continent down under actually tops the list of every nature lover’s favorite escape to paradise.


Lismore is perfect for those looking for the chance to commune with nature. Because forests are all around and even within the city, avid hikers, trekkers and campers alike would love to immerse in the beauty of nature that is just a few minutes away from the city center.

Credited as the birthplace of ecotourism, Lismore boasts of breathtaking waterfalls and national parks of World Heritage rainforests. Aside from the usual nature adventure, tourists should not miss Organic Tuesday which is a showcase of everything that grows on the fertile volcanic soil that is officially certified organic.


Kununurra is a city no only for a rendezvous with nature but also for inspiration and motivation when everything else seems to go another way. When all else fails and the moral is so down and low, Kununurra and its story is sure to bring back the smile and the determination to make things work.

Literally meaning Meeting of the Big Waters, Kununurra is a relatively new town in Australia. Contrary to most places which grew from small communities that gradually evolved into towns and cities and on the process developed a rich backdrop of culture and tradition, the city traces its history only a few decades back to the creation of the Great Ord River Irrigation. The town was created, in the truest sense of the word, with the purpose of being the service town for laborers and farmers that were implanted to the area during the construction of the dam and the irrigation system.

Sitting on arid lands, Australian government did not just resign to the fact that agriculture would not be feasible in the Western region. They then determined to challenge the adversities offered by nature. Aside from the dam, they also factually created two man-made lakes to ensure that farmlands they aim to develop would never go dry. True enough, what used to be hot and warm landscape of barren lands, Kununurra now features croplands and greeneries as far as the eyes could see.

Indeed, Australia never fails to keep surprising her visitors. Lismore and Kununurra are delightful desserts after a hearty serving of a taste of life in the outback.

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