Friday, July 31, 2015

Pre-Flight Electronics Check

One or two weeks before I travel overseas, I make a packing list and check items off as they go in my suitcase.  In addition to the packing list, I also have my electronics list.

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With all of the gadgets and gizmos, wires and cables, I need a list to make sure that I have everything.  It is no fun to arrive in a foreign country and not be able to use your laptop or camera.

First and foremost, I check my laptop.  I want to make sure that I have everything.  So, I check to make sure that I have my power supply and spare battery.  I also have a USB device that converts one port into four.  I prefer to use a mouse, so I pack that too.  I bring a LAN cable in case there is no wireless available in the hotel.

I already have a power strip that will accept 3-prong electrical plugs.  This is an absolute must as a 3-prong plug will not work in most Thailand electrical outlets.

Next thing I do is charge up my camera batteries.  I like to take pictures of my entire holiday to include the departing airport, layover and arrival.  I also ensure that I have my memory card and my spares.  I also have a USB device for my memory card so that I can transfer pictures to my laptop.  I check the memory card and delete or transfer any pictures on the card. I like to start my vacation with empty memory cards.

I have a tri-band, GSM cell phone that works in Thailand with a local SIM card.  So, I make sure that the battery and back-up are both charged so that I can use my Thai cell phone as soon as I hit the ground in Bangkok.

Next, I check my portable DVD player.  I make sure that I have my power cord and also my DIN jacks for the TV to DVD connection.  I charge the battery and make sure that I have the small remote control and that the battery is operational.

Packing up all the charger cables and wires on the very top of my suitcase makes for easy finding when I arrive.

I also have some minor electronics.  I have sound reducing headphones that I pack in my carry-on.  No real electronics, but I do make sure that I have 4 AAA batteries.  That way I have 2 to use and 2 spares.

Checking your electronic devices before you go, charging all of your batteries, and packing all the cables and wires, will make your vacation go electronically smooth.

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