Saturday, July 18, 2015

Texas The City Of Friendship

The word Texas derives from a word in the Caddoan language of the Hasinai, which means "Friends" or “Allies”. It is also known as the Lone Star because of the state flag's design: a broad vertical blue stripe at left, centered by a single white star, with horizontal bars of white and red on the right. Red means courage, White means liberty and Blue stands for loyalty.

Texas declared its independence from Mexico in 1836 and existed as the independent Republic of Texas for nearly a decade. In 1845, it joined the United States as the 28th state. It is one of only four states that was an independent nation before becoming a constituent state of the US.

Texas is internationally known for its energy and aeronautics industries, and for the ship channel at the Port of Houston—the largest in the U.S. in international commerce and the sixth-largest port in the world.

No other state offers the birding variety that Texas does as three-fourths of all American birds represented in Texas, there are birds for the watching anytime, anywhere in the state. Texas' resident bird population is augmented by multitudes of migrating species. Refuges offer exceptional viewing of both rare specimens and large concentrations of familiar species.

Texas Heritage Trail Regions lead travelers through spectacular fields of wildflowers, beneath soaring mountains and to the places where history happened. Texas is famous for its frontier forts, folkloric dancers, cowboys, battlefields, powwows, and all types of festivals.

In East Texas' humid marshlands, carnivorous pitcher plants trap unwary insects. More gregarious types such as bluebonnets, buttercups and Indian paintbrushes roam statewide, draping festive serapes over meadows and highway shoulders each spring.

You can also enjoy taking photos of real Texas Wildlife. You can stalk, call, and track wild animals on private Texas ranches, State Parks, and National Parks to get pictures of them in their native habitat. With a little patience and time, you will be able to observe and photograph wildlife that the average person will never see"

All of these landmarks make Texas special state that is famous for its variety of activities that you can do to enjoy your visit and spend very interesting time.

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