Thursday, June 22, 2017

How To Get Discount Airline Tickets On Travels You Can’t Afford?

Flying can be very expensive especially for people who just can’t afford the extra cost of airline tickets. This does not mean an end to your dream of flying. There are numerous ways to get low priced, discounted airline tickets for the places you wanted to see and visit.

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Whether you are out with your family on a vacation, going on a cost cut business trip or flying alone on a budget to find some fun and recreation, discounted airline tickets would are available if you only know how to find them at the right time.

We begin by asking if you know how and where to get your discount airline tickets?

Number 1. Every now and then, airline carriers give discounts on their airline ticket prices. Reasons may vary for each airline carrier. Sometimes most of their prices have to do with stiff competition the market is facing. This is called price war. If one carrier offers discount airline ticket, others will try to find ways to lower the cost of their airline tickets and follow suit. Another reason could be the demand. During a slow season, there are less airplane travelers over a period of time. Airline carriers lower down their ticket prices or give discounts on them to prevent backlogs of flight travels. If you know how to time your trip and are aware on the “when” certain discounts are released and offered to the public, then you are up for a good ticket deal.

Do some research if you need the discounted airline tickets. There is no better way to learn something than doing some research over the internet. Online travel agents can be sent emails to assist you with your queries. During a slow season, they will be too glad to lend a helping hand. Travel agents also go directly to airline carriers and ask for discount rates before they offer it to the end buyers.

Before you know it, you have already decided when to take off.

Number 2. Seek for travel packages. Travel agencies are chartering flights for less under a package offer. If your family of 4 is planning to go on a particular vacation destination, a travel agent will arrange everything for you including accommodation, itineraries, insurance, and plane tickets. You pay for this at a price cheaper compared when bought individually.

Number 3. Discount airline tickets are readily available on the internet. Several sites offer discount airline tickets. Sometimes they offer discounted airline tickets- way too low if acquired direct from the airline carriers who are thinking of extending their service to the public. These travel sites buy airline tickets from the airline carriers by bulk so they can afford to give higher discount rates for their costumers.

Number 4. Discount airline tickets are given in special cases. If you are a member of one club or military personnel, or a war veteran , chance are, you can get discount airline tickets instantly. Age also matters as senior citizens and students can also get discount airline tickets depending on the airline carrier they would choose.

And number 5. Choose smaller airline carriers. Airline travel does not only involve those gigantic carriers you see on your television screens. There are also other airlines out there that can offer flights and travel with relatively low airline tickets you can always consider discounted. So, the next time you consider a flight, search on these small airlines that are reliable so you can fly instantly, cheaply.

Getting your dream vacation or flying under a tight budget is actually easier than what you think. So, if you are savvy to get those legs and gears ready, take one of these steps and you will surely get that time of your life flying at a price easy on your pockets.

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Monday, June 19, 2017

A Caribbean All Inclusive Resort On Antigua

Looking for an exclusive Caribbean Resort, and you want as short a flight as possible, and a quick transfer, then look no farther than the All Inclusive, and very exclusive Hermitage Bay which may well be considered a top Antigua Luxury Resort, and is situated on the west coast.

Hermitage Bay is unquestionably a resort with a difference, with a rare combination of English style and tropical beauty. It consists of only 25 very secluded colonial cottage suites divided between Hillside where they have private plunge pools, and eight Beach Cottages in two rows with the front row having panoramic views of the beach. If this is important, you need to specify when booking your Hermitage Bay vacation. The whole place is set in over 10 acres of tropical gardens above an exquisite white sand beach and turquoise sea.

The Hillside Cottages are larger and have complete privacy, perfect for an Antigua Honeymoon, but all the cottages at this Caribbean exclusive resort on Antigua are air conditioned with a king sized bed, flat screen TV, DVD player, ipod docking device, wireless broadband internet, as well as the usual bits and pieces you expect to find in a luxury resort.

Each cottage also has a large verandah with double day beds and plantation day chairs.

A few things to note about the Hermitage Bay exclusive all inclusive resort, some of which are a big plus, and others simply to be aware of.

The views are incredible, and the staff are fantastic, as you would expect from a luxury five star resort.

The idea of the Room Ambassador is terrific, you will meet him first when you are shown your room, and he will be responsible for your well being and comfort.

The Hillside cottages are private but the access from them to the restaurant excludes high heeled shoes, and possibly even smart clothes, so you will find the standard of dress in the evenings poor by exclusive resort standards, with gentlemen in shorts and ladies in flip flops. If you like dressing up you may not like this, and it certainly makes the walk up at night hard work, although there are buggies which tend to be a bit noisy.

Some guests complain of being eaten alive by mosquitoes and sandflies , but a bit of spray and covering up in the evenings dramatically reduces this inconvenience. It is the tropics after all!! You should however be aware that there can be jellyfish infestation at certain times of the year in the small but very attractive bay

Meals are of a very high standard, and the quality of service from all the staff is almost faultless, although service is at Caribbean pace – a little slow, but then you shouldn’t need to be in a hurry. The food is very fresh, and the fresh fish of the day spectacular. Most tastes are well catered for in a restaurant with a great atmosphere.

The watersports staff are very helpful, but you need to query whether or not water skiing is included in the all inclusive rate.

There is no queuing for sunbeds, drinks, or meals, the staff awareness is terrific, including the way your room mini bar will be kept topped up with the kind of drinks you enjoy.

The Hermitage Bay will leave you feeling this has been a luxury, very exclusive hotel and you will go home possibly fatter, but certainly feeling very relaxed and happy. Their claim to be one of the Caribbean’s most exclusive resorts is not without foundation, and it certainly ranks at the top insofar as an Antigua all inclusive resort is concerned, and the Hillside Cottages are the perfect Antigua honeymoon solution.

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Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Disney MGM/Hollywood Studios – Where Disney Stars are Made

If you’re visiting Orlando, Florida, you probably have a trip to Universal Studios on your list, and therefore may decide to skip MGM Studios, however you may find that – especially if you have younger children – MGM is a better alternative as there are less attractions with height restrictions than Universal.  Although there are a few more thrill-seeking rides, most of the MGM Studio park is at a more gentle pace making it a good destination for families, or those who are a little mobility impaired.

Upon entering the park, you’ll be on Hollywood Boulevard.  This is a place to shop merchandise of both a traditional souvenir nature, and also more limited edition collectors pieces, as well as find restaurants and other kinds of retail outlets.  Walk to the bottom of the Boulevard however and you’ll find the Great Movie Ride.  Although the queue for this may be long, it does move quickly and the journey through well known movie scenes is well worth the wait. 

Around the rest of the park there are shows such as the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular which shows how stunts are performed and re-enacts scenes from Raiders of the Lost Ark, a car and motorcycle stunt show called Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show, and Fastasmic! A night-time show in the Holywood Hills Amphitheatre. 

For the young, and young at heart, there’s such things as the Jim Henson’s Muppet Vision 3D show, the Little Mermaid show, the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground, Beauty and the Beast show, and Playhouse Disney live on stage.  Thrill seekers aren’t forgotten completely however with the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and Aerosmith’s indoor Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. 

With the Journey in Narnia, and the Disney-MGM Studios Backlot Tour, there’s a great day of entertainment to be had at Disney’s MGM Studios.  If you love Disney, it’s well worth a visit!

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